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About Us

Who We Are

Now we are the leading provider of Purified Water Systems for the Indian pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.Leadership through People, Technologies and Service.

We deliver clean utility packages comprising of purified water generation system, storage and distribution of potable water, purified water, water for injection and pure steam.

We have continuously been multiplying our capabilities by developing manufacturing units and investing in R & D putting to use state of art technology and innovating to meet the ever growing customer needs.

Today we can design, develop and commission complete turnkey solution for any type of water treatment and distribution needs be it HIGH PURITY PIPING, REVERSE OSMOSIS PLANTS, DEMENERILIZATION PLANT, STERILE WATER OR ULTRA FILTRATION PLANTS OF any capacity.

We can also give the benefit of our experience and expertise to other industries like; FOOD, DAIRY, BEVERAGE, COSMETICS, CHEMICAL, AUTOMOBILE, PAINT, NUCLEAR, CEMENT and OFFSHORE PLANTS etc.

How we do it?

  • Study of source water analysis in detail
  • Stage wise water quality from individual equipment
  • Water mass balance
  • Operating cost of water
  • P & ID
  • Commercial proposal
  • Manufacturing of plant
  • FAT
  • Compilation of Welding documentation
  • Delivery of plant
  • FAT report and IQ-/OQ-/Documents
  • Compilation of technical documentation
  • Release of IQ-/OQ-Documents by client
  • Installation
  • Execution of IQ and OQ on site
  • Preparation and release of IQ-/OQ-reports
  • Copy of documents
  • Hand over

Vision, Mission & Values

To be the most trusted & preferred vendor to our customer, by using cutting edge technologies in high purity water systems,sterile process distribution & process systems.


We work closely with our customers to achieve optimal system performance at the lowest running cost and maximize the productivity of their plants.To deliver pioneering world-class process solutions to meet critical needs of high purity water systems that are smart and efficient and yet with low cost.


We commit what we believe, and we deliver what we commit. We respect the individual and have trust in each other, we encourage their knowledge and skill to achieve the quality and target.

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