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Orbital Welding Machines on Rental with Operator

Use of orbital welding in biopharmaceutical industry

Technoarc machines is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Orbital Welding Machine. Orbital welding GTAW process becoming the preferred joining technology of biopharmaceutical industryfor piping systems which have direct or indirect contact with the product. These include PW (Purified water),WFI (water for injection), Pure steam, and Product Process lines. It is also used for connecting tanks and vessels to the piping systems.

Typical tubing diameters for biopharmaceutical applications are 12.7 mmOD to 101.6 mm OD 1.6 to 2.0 mm wall thickness welding machines are designed to meet or exceed the critical welding specifications of industries as diverse as bio-pharmaceutical and other industries and applications with high-quality standard and sanitary repetitive welds with 100% smooth penetration. Autogenous welds up to 101.6 mm in diameter can be done in enclosed orbital weld heads, but larger tube and pipe sizes require the use of orbital welding equipment with filler wire capabilities.

Power supplies are microprocessor-controlled. The weld parameters controlled by the power supply include primary and background welding currents, pulse times, rotor travel speed (SPM), level times, rotation delay,and purge times. These are recorded on a weld schedule for each size and wall thickness of tube or pipe and stored in the power supply memory. They are easily recalled for welding and the schedules can be modified for different heats of materials or for tube-to-fitting welds and the changes stored in memory as needed.

Print-outs from the power supply may include the weld identification number, the operator’s name, and the serial numbers of the power supply and the weld head. This information can be used in conjunction with the welding log as part of the documentation package.

Orbital Welding Advantages

  • No manual dependency.
  • Consistency weld quality.
  • Square butt joint
  • Fusion technology no additional filler wire.
  • On line print outs ease for documentation
  • No leach ability.
  • Uniform penetrations throw out 360 degree.
  • Auto program saving and welding.
Orbital Welding Machines
Welding Machine on rental

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