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Purified Water Generation Systems

High Purity Water Generation Systems

We understand your raw water analysis in-depth. High Purity water Generation systems are designed and manufactured for treating different types of water redeveloping on its source and quality. These plants are custom built as per he project requirements.

RO-EDI Plants are used for Generating High Purity water for pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Semiconductor, Cosmetic and Food & Beverages Industry. Many years of experience and continuous development has led to all our plants being very user friendly and robust. The plants are built using world class equipment’s and are engineered with highest care to ensurepeak performance.

ALL High Purity Water Generation Systemsmeet EP, USP High Purity Water Generation Systemsguidelines and ensure the production process, product quality and profitability. The GMP-compliant confirms to FDA and ISPE requirements.

All High Purity Water Generation Systems are pre-tested, validated, compact and ready-to-use. The compact, package unit design on a stainless steel skid, are specifically adapted to the high TDS water and offers all purification technologies , such as:

  • Automatic Sand and Activated carbon filters.
  • Duplex softening units, serially connected and quality-controlled with optional hot water sanitization.
  • Demineralization systems.
  • Ultrafiltration units with 6000 Daltons cutoff.
  • Hot water sanitisableelectrodeionisation units.
  • UV Disinfectant.
  • Single or two-pass reverse osmosis.
  • Membrane degassing for CO2 reduction.
  • ORBITAL welded SS316L tubes.
  • State-of –the-art PLC technology.
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant control panels.
High Purity Water Systems
Purified Water Generation Systems
Purified Water Systems

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