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Purified Water And Water For Injection Storage And Loop Distribution

Once the Purified Water (PW) is stored in a tank, it needs to be distributed to each and every point of use in the plant without recontamination.

The entire Purified Water Distribution System is made of 316L stainless steel tubes, the surface quality from Ra <0.4µm. The tubes are orbital welded together.

The designing of the Purified Water Distribution System requires detailed engineering towards achieving a sterile environment.

Some of the features of our Purified Water(PW)Distribution System are:

  • Frequency controlled and sanitary distribution pump
  • Optional dual pump station
  • High efficiency UV disinfection / ozone reduction
  • Temperature controllers
  • Temperature compensated conductivity measurement
  • Flow management through a vortex flow meter.
  • Ozonation
  • On-line TOC measurement.
  • Optional thermal sanitization at >800C
  • Sterile sampling valves

PW / WFI Distribution Loop System have the following special features:

  • SS316L Tubes and Fittings with Ra values < 0.4 microns
  • Continuous recirculation with dead leg not more than 1.5D.
  • Zero bead leg block valves with inbuilt Sampling Port for point of use(POU)
    • 100% orbital welded with closed head Orbital welding machines using High Purity (99.99%) Argon Gas.
  • Stringent welding checks - up to 100% Boroscopy/Videoscopy /Radiography as per user requirements
  • Complete material traceability
    • Completely drainable with necessary gradients Slope of the low point must be 1: 100 minimum.
  • Specially designed supports for clean room installations
    • Point of use sanitary heat exchanger is provided to cool the PW and WFI as per the process requirements

Following accessories are supplied as a part of the PW / WFI Distribution Loop System:

  • Fully drainable loop circulation sanitary pumps.
  • Pumps are selected to ensure minimum velocity of 1.2 m/s in the return of the loop at peak load consumption.
  • Loop pumps are provided with VFD and interlocked with flow transmitter in return line for maintaining minimum velocity of 1.2 m/s or desired flow and velocity in the return loop.
  • Swing arm assembly for easy pump changeover. Instrumentation provided in the loop to monitor the WFI parameters like flow, pressure, TOC, conductivity and temperature.
  • Sanitary Double Tube Sheet type Heat exchangers are provided in PW & WFI Loops for sanitization/for maintaining PW/WFI temperature.
  • Loops are designed for cold, hot or ambient temperature.

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