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Videoscopy Or Boroscopy On Rental With Operator


Boroscope / Videoscopeis an instrument which is used for the inspection of piping internal surface and weld joints. It is the current pharmaceutical industry practice to use boroscope for documentation of orbital welding joints for inspection. Normal Practice is to do 10% of Boroscopy / Videoscopy of the total welding joints and 100% in critical application.

Sharp live-image and clear movies for reliable observation and analysis

IPLEX UltraLite eliminates complicated menu settings. The IPLEX UltraLite functions can be easily operated with just one hand. By pressing dedicated, direct-access keys, you can quickly articulate the scope tip, record images.

When it comes to remote visual inspections, image quality is one of the highest priorities. The IPLEX UltraLite is equipped with our unique Olympus image processor, and produces sharp and clear images. Along with its superb color-reproducing capability, the IPLEX UltraLite enables you to accurately detect even small defects. Observed images can be stored in a connected SD or SDHC card as high-quality JPEG still images.


  • 360 Degree Observation.
  • Stereo Measurements.
  • Display High Resolution image.
  • Audio Annotation Recording.
  • Concentrated remote operation.
  • Compatible with observation of various subjects.
Videoscopy On Rental

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